3 Ways To Protect Your Back Pickup Truck Glass While Moving

Posted on: 29 August 2019

Pickup trucks are super valuable vehicles to own, and they make it possible to achieve a lot of things that you would never be able to accomplish in a regular car. Moving is one of those tasks that a pickup truck can help you achieve for sure. Not only are most pickups capable of towing a trailer loaded down with your things, but you also have the option of piling what you can on the bed of the truck to haul even more at one time.

As convenient as this is, it is not at all uncommon for truck owners in the middle of moving to seek out an auto glass repair professional because they have damaged the back glass. Here are a few ways to protect your back pickup truck glass from damage during a move. 

Use a large piece of furniture as a line of protection. 

If you will be hauling something like a large wooden bed headboard or a solid piece of furniture big enough to cover the glass, make sure you load this piece on the bed of the truck first. Having something over that back window glass from the start will prevent you from accidentally running something into it while you are loading up belongings. If you don't have anything that will suffice, consider picking up a cheap piece of plywood from the hardware store to do the same. 

Put two brightly colored strips of tape in an "X" across the glass. 

Putting two strips of brightly colored tape across the glass will not really do anything to protect it, but what it will do is serve as a reminder to watch the glass while you are loading your things. You don't want anything long and pointy jabbing at the glass, and the tape will simply make it more visible while you load your things. 

Secure everything on the bed of your truck so it doesn't shift and move. 

Once you have the bed of your truck loaded down with your belongings, make sure you use tie straps and bungee cords to secure everything in place. A lot of back glass damage happens because of shifting items during the transit process. Therefore, make sure anything that is going to be prone to shifting, tilting, or sliding is firmly secured or tied down so it cannot move while you travel from the old home to the new one. 

If you do happen to break your back window, you can contact an auto glass repair company in your area.