• The Benefits Of Enclosing Your Patio

    If you have patio space that you are not fully utilizing, or wish that you could take advantage of more often, enclosing the space may be beneficial to you. Some enclosures feature walls, glass windows or sliding doors, while others are more simplistic and are simply screened in enclosures. Learning what the benefits of enclosing your patio allow you to learn how an enclosure allows you to make the most out of this outdoor space.
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  • Repairing Your Glass Storm Door: Which Repairs Are Worth It

    When your glass storm door is damaged, you might be wondering whether or not to repair it or replace it. There are some repairs that are worth the cost, and others that are not. Here are the glass door repairs that are worth the minor expense, and how to decide when to replace the door entirely. Chips Small chips in the glass door can be repaired with a glass chip filler.
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  • Your Jewelry Store Windows Burgled? How Window Repair Can Rectify It

    You put jewelry in locked display cases. You put the cases in the windows for daytime display. Your store even has the locking scissor-gates. It just was not enough to stop a very clever burglar from cutting holes in the windows and pulling loose pieces of jewelry out. Now you have windows with circles and squares cut out of them where the burglar got through. How do you fix this glass emergency?
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