Your Jewelry Store Windows Burgled? How Window Repair Can Rectify It

Posted on: 15 February 2017

You put jewelry in locked display cases. You put the cases in the windows for daytime display. Your store even has the locking scissor-gates. It just was not enough to stop a very clever burglar from cutting holes in the windows and pulling loose pieces of jewelry out. Now you have windows with circles and squares cut out of them where the burglar got through. How do you fix this glass emergency? Window repair companies can do all of the following.

Use Temporary Glass Repair Sheeting Until a Window Is Replaced

The repair technician can install temporary protection in the form of glass repair sheeting. It is not great, and it certainly is not very pretty, but it does prevent others from grabbing items from the window displays while they are standing outside. It also allows you to continue using your display windows to show off the jewelry the burglar did not take, which may help keep your sales going.

Cut Pieces to Fit When the Glass Holes Are Few and Far Between

If the burglar only cut a hole here and there, the repair technician can cut pieces to fit these holes perfectly. A special clear adhesive secures the pieces in place, and a light blowtorch creates flawless seams. Of course, this only works if the holes are few and far between, and the rest of your display windows were not cracked or damaged in the process of the burglar cutting perfect glass holes.

Boarding It Up

If the burglar did a "smash and grab" after getting past your scissor-gate, or if there are just too many holes to patch, you may just have to board up the window for a while. It is not the best option, and it definitely can hurt sales because you cannot put anything on display in the store window. Still, if you cannot afford a window replacement right now, or if you need to wait for the insurance company to process your claim, a board over your shop window is better than leaving everything wide open to the street.

Replace the Entire Pane

As previously mentioned, your window may be beyond any repair the technician can perform. Then you need to replace the entire window pane. The technician can check the inventory back at his/her shop to see if there is a piece of window glass big enough to fit the gaping space where your shop window used to be. It may take a few days, or only a few hours, so in the meantime you will have to either board it up or close up shop.

Contact a window repair company like United Glass Service Inc for more information.