Repairing Your Glass Storm Door: Which Repairs Are Worth It

Posted on: 27 July 2017

When your glass storm door is damaged, you might be wondering whether or not to repair it or replace it. There are some repairs that are worth the cost, and others that are not. Here are the glass door repairs that are worth the minor expense, and how to decide when to replace the door entirely.


Small chips in the glass door can be repaired with a glass chip filler. This is a special epoxy that is rather inexpensive when compared to the full price of replacing the door entirely. A professional glass door repair technician can use the chip filler to fill in the area in question. Then you wait for it to dry before lightly sanding the filled area to make sure it is as smooth as the rest of the surrounding glass.


Small cracks in your glass storm door may be repaired, but only if they are less than four inches. Heat may be applied to the glass to get it to fuse back together. The crack may still be somewhat obvious, but a repaired crack of this size is still cheaper than a door replacement.


Bullet holes and holes caused by hard objects smashing through your glass door are not worth repairing. At this point, it would cost almost as much to replace the glass in the storm door frame as it would be to buy a replacement door. The only time this works to your benefit is if your glass storm door is composed of panels of glass that do not effect the rest of the glass in the door. Then you can just replace the damaged panel(s) and not all of the glass.

Shattered Shards

Most glass storm doors are designed to withstand a lot. However, that does not mean they are entirely impervious to everything. If something happened to cause your door to turn into sharp, shattered shards, replace the entire door immediately. It is not worth an attempt to replace the panel of glass, nor is it possible to repair the shattered door.

There is more than likely a problem with the frame as well, since shattered glass of this nature would require enough force to bend the frame to break the glass. Thankfully, your glass repair technician can clean up the mess and install a new door for you. It may take a day or two, but then you will have a new glass storm door.