Assorted Auto Glass Services

Posted on: 13 December 2019

Auto glass services are generally thought of as repairing and replacing broken windows and damaged windshields. While this is the main part of the services provided, as well as the majority of the work done, there are actually more services provided by these technicians than you might have thought of. The following shows what other services are typically a part of the whole auto glass business. 

Damage Assessments and Estimates

When you bring a vehicle into the shop that has damaged auto glass, the technicians have to evaluate the extent of the damage. They can assess the damage and determine the cost of fixing versus replacing, and the total cost with labor included. An estimate is provided, in case you are leaning toward not having the work done right away. The estimate can also be used for insurance purposes. 

Help You File an Insurance Claim

Sometimes providing a piece of paper with itemized damages and replacement costs on it does not seem to suit the insurance companies. When that happens, you can have the glass shop owner talk to the insurance company and help you file a claim on your behalf. You will need to be present in the office with the shop owner to verify that you are attempting to file a claim for the damages to the windows or windshield(s) on your vehicle, but then the shop owner can discuss the damages and repair/replacement costs at length with the claims adjuster. 

Provide Financing Options

Some vehicles do not come with inexpensive glass. You might pay as little as one hundred dollars on a new window on one vehicle, but well over a grand on a luxury vehicle. When your auto glass replacement is going to be costly, but you cannot swing the cost right now, the shop may be able to help you with financing options. Some shops have their own established credit card, while others arrange payment plans with you until the debt is paid. If your insurance claim for the damages is going to go through, you might reach an arrangement and an agreement to have the insurance company cut the claim check to the auto glass shop directly.

Act as Experts When Filing a Police Report

If you suspect that the damage to your windows was an act of vandalism, make sure you take pictures of your vehicle where the car was sitting when you discovered the broken glass. Then get the glass technician's expert opinion before filing a police report. You can even have the police meet you at the glass repair shop to get a firsthand look at the damages and talk to the shop technicians.