Options For Glass Shower Doors

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Glass shower enclosures, or glass shower cubicles as they are sometimes called, are a common feature in most modern homes. They keep the water and soap from splattering all over the bathroom while giving the bathroom a sleek, modern look. But did you know that the type of door you choose can make a huge difference? Here are a few options for glass shower doors.

Pivot Doors

They are also called hinge doors or swinging doors. They swing inwards like traditional doors. Some pivot doors swing both ways. They come with or without frames. They are ideal for small spaces where sliding doors are not possible.

Steam Shower Doors

They are mainly used where you have a steam room/bath. They operate like pivot doors but reach up to the ceiling to keep in steam.

Sliding Doors

These doors slide against each other to open and close. These are ideal for narrow spaces.

Round Shower Doors

These open inwards and are best suited for corner showers. The curved shape creates an illusion of more space.

Framed or Frameless

This is purely a matter of personal taste and preference. It all depends on the type of look you want to create. Frameless glass doors are becoming increasingly popular. They create a clean, modern look. They also make your bathroom look more spacious. If you prefer a more solid look, opt for framed doors. The door frames are made from aluminum or other similar metals.

You can match accessories such as handles with faucets and the rest of your bathroom décor.

The Glass

The glass can be clear, patterned, frosted or tinted. Clear glass is clean and lets in more light.

Frosted glass has been treated with acid to create a textured softer appearance. It offers more privacy.

Rain shower glass, as the name suggests, mimics rainfall. The inner surface remains smooth for easy cleaning.

If you want a little bit of color on your shower door, think of getting tinted glass. This will complement your décor and add some warmth to your bathroom.

The thickness of your glass door is another aspect to consider. How do you want your shower door to feel when you open it? Light or slightly heavy? Your have various thicknesses to choose from.

When choosing a shower door, consider the amount of space you have, the type of shower, and the amount of privacy you want, along with your personal taste of course!