Looking At The Reasons Why Your Double-Paned Insulated Windows Have Condensation Inside Them

Posted on: 14 October 2016

Double-paned windows are an excellent choice for high-level energy efficiency because of their design. In addition to having two layers of glass, the space between the two glass layers is filled with gas like argon or dry air for preventing heat loss. Your view out of double-paned windows should be clear and free of condensation. However, when you do see condensation inside the two glass panes in your windows, it may be time for window replacement. Learn more about the reasons why condensation is forming inside your double-paned windows.

How Old Are Your Double-Paned Windows?

The older your windows are, the more it is likely the seal holding them in their frame begins to fail. Sealant used to keep in the panes of your windows is subject to temperature fluctuation and exposure to UV rays from the sun. When the sealant ages, it can starting pulling loose from the glass panes and cracking, allowing moisture to seep inside the panes of your window. When moisture gets trapped between the two panes of glass, it will remain as condensation because of the temperature differences between the air in your home and the air outside.

Are Your Double-Paned Windows High-Quality?

Windows that are made using poor quality materials do not provide long-lasting energy efficiency. In low-quality, double-paned windows, the sealant may not have what it takes to withstand the elements and temperature fluctuations it will be exposed to for the long-term. If you have not had your double-paned windows installed for a long period of time and you are already seeing condensation form inside them, you could be seeing the results of poor quality. If your windows have a warranty, checking about having them replaced is a good idea. Some window manufacturers will send someone to your home for re-sealing your double-paned windows as well.

Is Condensation Forming Inside Your Newly Installed Double-Paned Windows?

If your double-paned windows have recently been installed and there is condensation already forming inside them, you could be seeing the results of faulty installation. You will need to discuss with your window manufacturer about the steps you need to take for their replacement or repair. In many cases, the window installer is responsible for making repairs free of charge.

Increasing your home's energy efficiency by installing insulated double-paned windows is a good idea. Making sure the windows you choose are high-quality is important, so learning more about them is best so you can make an informed decision about your purchase.