Steps To Take When Considering A DIY Glass Window Repair

Posted on: 29 September 2016

Doing a glass window repair at home can be effective in certain situations. Here are some things to do when you're deciding whether to get your glass professionally fixed or repair it at home. 

Research the Cost of the Glass

If you are able to find approximate replacement cost for your glass, this will help you determine whether it's worth it to risk a home repair and potentially have the glass crack. Your glass repair specialist may help you appraise your glass, but you can also do research online or in a glass catalog. 

Consider If New Glass Can Be Fitted

Another thing to consider is how easily new glass can be fitted if you need to replace a panel. For a broken window, the glass may be fairly easy to replace, as long as it is a standard, modern window. For leaded windows, it can be much more difficult to replace a single panel without risking breaking the others or having the window look off balance. 

Consider Whether the Glass Will Lose Strength

Sometimes, it's worth it to replace or repair a window if the lost strength will not be worth it to you. A big concern is break-ins; a window with a visible deformity in it can be a big sign to intruders that the window might give under force. Although glass glues aren't extremely visible, they can leave a visual distortion on the glass. Also, a piece of glass that's repaired with glue might not be as insulated as an intact window, so in some cases, you might want to simply replace a window. A glass repair shop can provide you with a new, intact pane of glass for this purpose. 

Research Types of Glue

Finally, consider the different types of glue that you might apply, and how they fit in with your budget and needs. Super glue can work fine for windows that are low risk in terms of breakage. Hot glue can work to seal the edges of the window back onto the frame. But the strongest option is often an industrial strength glass glue that's specifically meant to be used with windows and other home glass. Since each type of glue has different methods of application and different success rates, shop around to see which one you're most comfortable with. In short, there is a lot research and weighing of risks that goes into a DIY glass repair. 

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