Getting Energy Efficient Home Windows: Things To Know

Posted on: 13 December 2015

Did you know that your windows are responsible for at least 10% or more of the money that you pay for heating costs? If you are getting ready to get new windows for your house, there are features you can opt for that can help with keeping energy costs under control. Discover in this article things to know about investing in good replacement windows for a house.

What is the Best Way to Choose the Glass for Home Windows?

The key to choosing the glass for home windows is making sure that it is of a high enough quality to keep the air flowing in and out of your house under control. One of the things you can do is make sure that the window panes are tinted; even a slight tint can help with reducing how much heat is entering your house when the sun is out. You must also make sure that the window panes are thick. However, you can opt for more than a single pane for even more energy efficiency. It is a good idea to get double paned windows because they will allow you to add other features that can save on energy costs.

What Kind of Features Can Be Added to Double Paned Windows?

The great thing about double paned windows is that the space in between the glass can be filled with argon gas. The perk of having argon gas is that it is able to act as an added barrier against air flowing in and out of the windows. Argon is a great feature because it is heavier than air, meaning air will have a difficult time pushing through it. Just keep in mind that you will likely have to get the argon gas put back in the windows after some time, as it can seep out. You will know if the gas leaves because more air will flow through the glass than usual.

What is the Estimated Price to Replace Home Windows?

The quality of the frames and type of windows that you choose will determine the overall price for new windows. For instance, getting average windows placed in frames that don't need any repairs will cost a minimum of $300 and up each. If you want multiple panes of glass and argon gas, the price will be higher. The need for new window frames will also affect the overall price. Talk to a home window contractor like one from Ryan's All Glass to get energy efficient windows installed as soon as you can!