Different Styles Of Glass Shower Doors You Can Incorporate In Your Design

Posted on: 11 March 2015

When it comes to glass shower doors, you'd be surprised the many styles that are available to really make your bathroom pop. Learn which ones you can choose from, so you end up with the perfect designs in your home.


A rain shower glass door design is perfect if you have young kids or pets in your home and still want the luxury of beautiful glass doors in your bathroom. The details in this glass feature designs that look like raindrops cascading down your doors. The glass is smooth on one side for easy cleaning, and conceals fingerprints, suds, and other marks with ease. If you want a romantic style of shower glass door that keeps cleaning time to a minimum, a rain style is perfect for you.


A frosted glass shower door gives you the privacy you want while still letting in ample lighting for great visibility when showering. The design is created by acid etching in the glass on one side to create the frosted, intimate look. This is a design that works well with any bathroom decor, and is ideal for guest bathrooms or bathrooms where many people use the facility at one time.


If you want to add an elegant appeal to your glass shower door while adding ample privacy and intimacy, bronze doors are the perfect touch. The clear bronze hue matches a large luxurious bathroom best, and is perfect for making your bathroom appear more decadent. This unique style is sure to please if you want to accent bronze and earthy tones in your current bathroom's decor. Bronze glass shower doors are great for a master bath.

Low iron

Low iron shower glass doors emit less of a greenish tint than traditional glass, which allows for better visual clarity. If you want a very clear glass shower door that lets in ample natural light, then this style is perfect for your needs. Being so sheer, it does need to be cleaned often, but is beautiful with any current bathroom decor. Consider this style if you have a master bath with large windows to let lots of beautiful light in while you relax in the shower.

When you go shopping for glass shower doors, know that you can choose from many styles of glass to fit your bathroom's style the best. Whether you want to go romantic with rain or let the light in with low iron, you are sure to find the perfect type of glass that will suit your bathroom best. For more information, contact a company like Victorville Glass Co Inc.