Two Types Of Safety Glass You May Not Be Aware Of And What You Would Use Them For

Posted on: 4 April 2016

Just about everyone knows that safety glass includes tempered and laminated glass, both of which are used for car windows and windshields. However, there are two more kinds of safety glass; wire meshed and engraved. While you probably will never see these two types of safety glass in a vehicle, they do have other, very useful applications. The latter type, engraved, is so new that additional uses for it are being discovered all the time. Here is some more information on these lesser-known types of safety glass and what you might need them or use them for.

Wire Mesh Safety Glass 

Wire mesh safety glass has wire mesh embedded in it. The wire mesh is usually large, square opening mesh, with the openings being about a couple inches in both directions. The nicest feature about this type of safety glass is that if the glass breaks in or around an opening in the mesh, that square opening cracks and shatters but the wire mesh keeps the surrounding glass from from following suit.

If safety glass repair in mesh glass is ever needed, it is possible to easily make very minor repairs because the wire mesh will hold everything else together while the technician completes the repairs. This type of glass is excellent for store fronts, or in rough neighborhoods where glass windows may frequently be damaged by crime.

Laser-Engraved Safety Glass

Do not let the name fool you-this type of safety glass should not be confused with decorative glass engraving. Instead, this newest technology for safety glass uses lasers to create micro-fractures in the glass. Tiny, wavy breaks in the glass that cannot be seen with the naked eye help to hold this type of glass together. When something applies extreme force to this type of glass, the "engravings" absorb the kinetic energy and prevent the glass from shattering.

Additionally, engraved safety glass can withstand forces up to two hundred times more than untreated glass, which means that only something of extreme force, force exceeding the treated glass's capacity to absorb the force and energy, can cause the glass to shatter.

Laser-engraved safety glass is still a luxury product, since its production process is very expensive. However, as techniques to improve the process and speed up production advance, you should eventually be able to buy this type of glass for less. If you can already afford this type of glass, you can put it into everything from car windows and windshields to the windows on your home. Check out a safety glass company, like Rochester Auto Glass & Mirror Co, near you for more info.